Staff Correspondent

DEHRA DUN: A two-day meeting of the Uttarakhand ruling Bharatiya Janata Party State Executive meeting in Haldwani has ended with the leaders urging the cadres to reach out to every family and seek a vote for their candidates in the panchayat and municipal bodies elections due early next year.

The Chief Minister, Bhuwan Chandra Khanduri, and the State party chief Bachi Singh Rawat while outlining the efforts being made to usher in a government that means business urged the workers to help the government perform better by assessing the problems of the people and suggest remedial measures so that development plans could be made to address genuine public grievances.

The Congress presently commands a majority in about 90 per cent of the panchayats and other local bodies -- a stranglehold the saffron brigade hopes to loosen so as to be in a better position to win all the parliamentary seats from the State in the next general elections. A friendly panchayat or local body will also mean easier implementation of government policies.

“We believe in working silently and not merely making noises and fake announcements as done by many during the Congress regime,” Mr Khanduri said.