Pradip Kumar Das

A challenging task for Cuttack Superintendent of Police

CUTTACK: The Cuttack police now find itself in a terrible bind. The ‘arrest DGP’ mission has taken its toll on the city police who are facing the greatest challenge of the year maintaining law and order during the ensuing puja season next month. While the local police are worried about executing over 200 NBWs issued against hardcore criminals, the entire police force has been busy for the last six days to execute the NBW issued against its boss DGP B.B. Mahanti who was placed under suspension last week.

Prestige issue

From an embarrassing situation of executing an NBW against its boss, the mission has now become a prestige issue for the State police and more particularly for the Cuttack police. Ever since the Rajasthan police made that ‘smart’ move last week requesting the Cuttack collector to execute the NBW against Mahanti, Cuttack SP Soumendra Kumar Priyadarshi is on his toes to arrest his DGP as he is legally bound to do so.


“For last six days, it has become my one-point mission to capture the DGP both for the purpose of upholding the law of the land as well as for the prestige shake of the State police,” Mr. Priyadarshi told this correspondent on Wednesday from an undisclosed location where he is camping with one of his best officers looking for the elusive DGP who has been untraceable since last Friday.

Mahanti once a law keeper and now running away from the law itself by evading his arrest, is wanted by Rajasthan police in connection with the alleged role he played by helping his alleged rape convict son Bitihotra jump parole from a Jaipur jail. Both Rajasthan police and their counterpart in Orissa now find themselves in deep trouble because a custodian of law is now making a mockery of it by exploiting the loopholes.


But the most frustrating part is that the Cuttack police have spent a great deal of its time and energy while wasting about a week searching for the DGP at this crucial juncture when the city is getting ready for the volatile puja season next month.

“I have not attended my office regularly over these days while I am moving clandestinely from one place to another in search of the elusive officer,” he rued.

Teams on mission

Several teams of the district police have in the meantime gone to places like Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam, Kolkata, New Delhi, Jaipur in Rajasthan and Vaishnodevi in search of the DGP but there is no trace or even any clue is coming forth from anywhere about the senior IPS officer who has been placed under suspension since last Friday.

While Mr. Priyadarshi led a team to Hyderabad, additional SP Gadadhar Rout led a team to Vishakapatnam and its nearby areas in search of Mahanti earlier this week. Both the teams returned on Tuesday empty-handed.

Mr. Priyadarshi, however, refused to give any account of the efforts he and his men have put into the mission saying: “He does not believe in any amount of effort until the mission is accomplished at the end of the day.”

The Superintendent of Police, however, alleged that the media nullified all his efforts by alerting the elusive DGP during these days.

He further pointed out that the senior IPS officer would never surrender in any court of law either in Orissa or in Rajasthan until his appeal to quash the NBW was taken up by the Rajasthan High Court.