Staff Reporter

PUDUCHERRY: These pictures capture the smiles of innocent children from around the world. French photographer Flore Lamoureux’s photographs are colourful portraits that seem to have caught children at their best.

The installation of 20 photographs are poetry in colour that describe children the photographer met as she travelled around the world, especially in Africa, China, Guatemala and India.

The Alliance Francaise in Puducherry is holding an exhibition of Children of the World photographs at their building on Suffren Street.

The pictures show the children in different moods: doing the many things one would associate with kids. One picture shows a child riding a cycle, another a child wearing oversized bangles and smiling gleefully, another wearing toy dark glasses, and yet another lighting candles at the Golden Temple in Amritsar.

There are also photographs that show one kid sitting inside a bucket, and a girl carrying a pot. Some photographs show children with their parents. The pictures invite one to look at the world through the eyes of the children. Flore Lamoureux, who alternates between Paris and Delhi, has had her photographs exhibited in Shanghai and Paris.

She exhibits her photographs in boxes lit from the inside. “My desire is not to show just their faces. I want the children to look at the visitor like they looked at me when I caught their expression with my camera,” she says. On the theme, she said: “Thanks to their curiosity and capacity to be clever, honest and innocent, children are the ones you can speak to, you can share with, you can get a smile from at any time, all around the world. I find their positive attitude as an advantage in life which should be an example to all.”

The photo exhibition is on till August 21.