PATNA: Bihar's State Election Commission has put restrictions on the visit of Union Ministers to the State till the elections to urban civic bodies are completed, according to official sources.

The Commission has recently issued a directive that the any Union Minister visiting Bihar had to send official clarifications about the nature of their visit explaining whether it was ``purely official but not related to the urban polls,'' sources said on Sunday. The Commission has also made it clear that the Central ministers ``on unofficial visit'' to the State would not be given any official facility, they said.

The directive seeks to prevent misuse of administration by the Union Ministers to influence the urban civic bodies polls in any area of the State that would conclude on May 26, sources asserted. ``We are not opposed to the Central Ministers coming to Bihar for official purposes but, at the same time, we do not want any Minister to use his official position to influence the polls,'' State Election Commission secretary Raghuvansh Kumar Sinha said.- PTI