The Congress MP takes a seriously injured boy to hospital in his own car

GAURIGANJ (U.P.): In the midst of his hectic election campaign, Congress MP Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday played the Good Samaritan when he rushed a grievously injured teenaged boy to hospital in his car.

As Mr. Gandhi's convoy passed by Gar Tholia village after a public meeting in Gauriganj, he saw a profusely bleeding Sushil Kumar waiting alongside the main road accompanied by his mother for help to take them to hospital. He asked the convoy to stop and helped the boy to be lifted into his own car.

The convoy then rushed to Munshiganj Sanjay Gandhi Hospital, where the boy was admitted to the emergency ward. According to hospital sources, the boy, who was stabbed in the stomach, is now out of danger.

Mr. Gandhi stayed at the hospital for some time but when he left the area, which falls in his Lok Sabha constituency Amethi, he asked the local authorities to keep him updated on the condition of the boy. ``I was desperately waiting for some help to take us to the hospital," said the boy's mother Devkula. "Rahul saw us and stopped. He asked me what had happened and picked up my son and took him in his car. Only Rahul could do something like this.'' - PTI.