‘Educational empowerment need of the hour’

Setting up of CU in Koraput is an initiative to promote developing regions: Jadav

Vice-Chancellor lauds the Planning Commission member’s achievements

KORAPUT: Demographic dividend, which is regarded as the greatest tool for development, could turn out to be a demographic nightmare without educational empowerment of people at the grassroots, said Narendra Jadav, member, Planning Commission, at Koraput on Saturday.

While expressing concern over lack of adequate progress in the field of education at different levels in the State, he said that Government of India and the Planning Commission were keen on development of education in developing regions like Koraput and establishment of Central University of Orissa at Koraput was one of the many initiatives in this direction. The natural environment embedded with the progressive support of people, including representatives of the disadvantaged groups in the tribal dominated region of Koraput district, would facilitate the growth of this university to become a role model in the country for its integral approach in bringing development in a holistic manner, he added. Addressing students of the university, he said that it was the call of the inner consciousness that the students needed to follow in finding the true path in their life. While there was no limit to the growth that a student could achieve, seeking short cut ways to success was not desirable. Rather, a continuous effort to excel should become the aim of the students. Highlighting the importance of transformation from “why me” to “why not me” in the life of each student, he shared some valuable points that could be helpful for the students to progress in life.

Surabhi Banerjee, Vice-Chancellor of the university, while speaking on the status of the university in different sectors, starting from acquiring land to opening new courses in the near future, thanked the officials and people in the district for standing by the university from the beginning. The university would bring excellent opportunities for its students and the people of the region by inviting eminent people like Mr. Jadav, she added.

Distinguished career

Mr. Jadav, who was the former vice-chancellor of University of Pune, had served for 31 years in the RBI in the rank of Executive Director and four years in IMF. Apart from being a leading economist, Mr. Jadav was also a prolific writer with 11 books and 100 research papers to his credit. His family biography in English, -- Untouchables – was an international best seller and was translated into 17 languages. It had won several awards, including the coveted Sahitya Academy Award for the Punjabi version of the book, she said.

Among others, Collector Gadadhar Parida also spoke.