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Rainwater inundated parts of arterial 45 Feet Road

Tuesday night was nightmarish for residents of Solai Nagar, Rainbow Nagar, Krishna Nagar, Lawspet

PUDUCHERRY: Residents of several low-level areas in Puducherry were hit hard as rainwater entered houses and inundated roads. Motorists found it tough to navigate damaged roads.

For residents of Solai Nagar, Rainbow Nagar, Krishna Nagar and several areas in Lawspet, Tuesday night was nightmarish as rainwater entered several houses and inundated the surrounding roads.

Sewage overflow

It was double-trouble for the residents of Solai Nagar (North) as houses were affected by sewage overflow while thatched huts along the coast bore the brunt of rough sea.

“In the last three or four days, rainwater has been entering our houses continuously. Overflowing sewage has added to our woes. We could not sleep as we had to continuously collect the water and throw it outside. Even snakes entered a few of our houses,” residents of the area said.

Nearly 360 houses on Singaravelar Street in Solai Nagar (North) were affected by water-logging and sewage overflow.

“Seawater easily enters the houses that are close to the coastline, owing to the lack of a sea wall. A part of the stones laid for the sea wall have been eroded and seawater enters the village through the gap,” B. Palanivel, head of the village, said.

The tsunami-affected villagers had not received houses and were forced to cope with water-logging during rains.

Under knee-deep water

Almost all cross streets in Rainbow Nagar were under knee-deep water, the residents said.

They were forced to wade through the water, which had not receded in the last two days.

“The interior areas of Rainbow Nagar are badly affected. Water has entered several houses in the last two days. We have to wade through the water to reach the main road,” a resident said.

Abirami, a resident , said, “We have not seen this level of inundation. Rainwater entered my house last evening. We are trying to bail out the water using buckets. Water has also entered a few other houses nearby,” she said.

Damaged roads made things worse for the residents of Krishna Nagar in Lawspet.

“Huge potholes filled with water pose a threat to motorists,” an autorickshaw driver said.

Apart from these areas, rainwater inundated parts of the arterial 45 Feet Road.

Trees uprooted

Several trees, both on the roads and in the houses, were damaged.

Officials of the Forest Department said that six trees in Anna Nagar, two in Mudaliarpet, four each on Anna Salai, Bussy Street and Ambour Salai were damaged. The department staff had cleared the trees and branches that had fallen on the roads.

Visitors at beach

People thronged the beach to watch the rough sea, on Wednesday. The police stopped people from entering the beach road in the evening.