Mudslide in the parallel pit hampers rescue work

Agra: Hopes appear to be fading for the rescue of Sonu, a two-year-old boy who fell into a 150-ft deep borewell in Lehrakapura village in the district two days ago.

Army and police were still working to rescue the boy, who fell into the well 48 hours ago, but they do not appear anywhere close to taking him out.

Constant supply of oxygen is being maintained to the boy through a pipe, but no movement had been noticed or any sound heard from him two hours after he fell into the well, rescuers said.

Earlier, the rescue work suffered a setback following a mudslide in the parallel pit being dug to pull out the child.

The parallel pit had been dug about 68-69 ft and the work to make a horizontal tunnel to reach the child was nearing completion when the mudslide occurred, obstructing the rescue operation in the afternoon. -- PTI