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1,000 lakh units needed daily against availability of 875 lakh

A temporary situation, say

power utilities

‘High demand from agriculture sector’

CHANDIGARH: The Haryana government virtually admitted on Saturday that there was “less availability of power” in the State at present but at the same time maintained that this was “temporary.”

An official spokesman claimed that the Haryana Power Utilities were making efforts to arrange and supply maximum power to the consumers.

He disclosed that the State needed about 1,000 lakh units of electricity daily against the present availability of over 875 lakh units. There was a shortage of 112 lakh units of electricity in the state on Friday.

The Utilities had arranged nearly 72 lakh units at higher rates on Thursday to meet the requirement of consumers, he added.

Also, there was a minor technical problem in one generating unit of the Yamunanagar Plant and it was expected to resume generation on Sunday. Moreover, one unit of the gas-based plant at Faridabad was also out of order and was likely to regenerate electricity in four-five days.

‘Situation will ease’

He admitted that there was considerable demand for electricity from the agriculture sector as the paddy season was on but he hoped that the situation would ease as the paddy operations would be over by September-end.

Instructions had been issued to the field officers to ensure minimum six hours supply daily to tubewells. They would also ensure that electricity was supplied to public water works for minimum one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening.

The industries would observe restrictions for nine hours daily. The supply would be restricted to urban and mixed urban feeders for five-and-a half hours daily. However, the supply would not be restricted for more than one hour during one time slot. Power supply to rural domestic consumers would be ensured up to 11 p.m., he further stated.