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Aims to find academic solutions

PUDUCHERRY: Aiming to find solutions to help slow learners at educational institutions, the State National Service Scheme (NSS) Cell of Puducherry is organising a workshop on ‘Learning Disabilities’ on Saturday.

Paper presentation

The workshop will address the problem of learning disabilities at four levels - primary school, secondary school, higher secondary and colleges. Teachers from various institutions will present papers.

“Each paper is a result of interactive analysis and studies conducted by teachers with students who have learning disabilities. The papers will look at the types and nature of learning disabilities, analyse causes of learning disabilities, problems relating to it and suggest remedies,” State Liaison Officer of NSS E.M. Rajan said.


NSS has invited papers from academics and around 16 papers will be presented on the occasion. “We are planning to compile the papers presented on the occasion and publish a booklet. This booklet will be submitted to the Education Department and will be part of the policy decision of the government to find solutions for this issue,” he said.

With students of learning disabilities present in all schools and colleges, he said the workshop will suggest academic solutions.

Secretary of Government (Education) G.C. Joshi will inaugurate the workshop.