BHUBANESWAR: Smaller Self Help Groups (SHGs) can take loan of Rs. 6000 and they don’t have to bother repaying it within a fixed time. The repaying time could be extended up to an indefinite period. But customers have to first deposit smaller amount before availing loans.

This was what Asha Multipurpose Cooperative Limited (AMCL) had advertised and hundreds of gullible people of Bhubaneswar, Puri and other smaller towns got attracted by the offer. Finally, they ended up being allegedly cheated.

However, women customers were not in a mood to let their hard-earned money to be taken away. These women forced their way into office of AMCL and dragged two employees to Laxmisagar police station on Wednesday while all other senior functionaries of the financial institution managed to abscond.

“I had already started depositing Rs. 1,500 per month in hope to get loan from AMCL. But after five months when I went to inquire about the loan, I sensed foul play on part of the institution,” said Sandhyarani Das. When contacted AMCL Managing Director Srikant Nanda plead innocence. Agitated women were not prepared to buy his argument. they