Staff Reporter

BERHAMPUR: The trained Ayurvedic doctors of Orissa are opposed to indiscriminate use of Ayurvedic therapy by yoga teachers who have no training in Ayurveda.

Addressing a press conference here, Sagar Ranjan Tripathy, the convenor of Ayurveda and Homeo Doctors’ Coordination Committee (AHDCC) said the practice of this age old therapeutic system by persons who have no training in the field is dangerous for the public.

Mr Tripathy said in recent times the disciples of yoga guru Ramdev who are nothing but yoga teachers have started to pose as ayurvedic physicians. And the number of these persons is on the rise.

“These persons have little knowledge about the human body, the theory of ayurveda and its remedies and they practice on hearsay,” he said.

According to trained Ayurveda doctors such practice by untrained persons would only demean the system, which has started to gain popularity all over the world.

It may be noted that in India Ayurveda is a full fledged degree course and the students completing it along with house-surgeon training get the Bachelor in Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) degree.

So, they wanted the members of Swami Ramdev’s disciples to stop indiscriminate use of Ayurveda medicines if they are not trained for it.