Chief Minister urged to check naxalism and police harassment

KORAPUT: “I want Sada Palaka, my 12-year-old son, back,” cried Samaya Palaka, a resident of Pedda Ekiti village in Koraput district on Friday. The young child was lifted by the police along with Basana Pidika, Lachama Pidika, Suka Pidika, Gumpha Huika, Soni Tadingi and five other persons from the village last Tuesday, he said.

“All of them, including my husband were carried into the police vehicle in the early hours while they were coming out of the houses to work in the field,” Bunda Pidika, said a woman.

Hundreds of men and women along with their children from Pedda Ekiti, Jamuduwalasa, Laupadar, Manjariguda, Borigi and Nangalbeda villages of Narayanpatna block approached the District Collector and the Superintendent of Police of Koraput to bail out their relatives apart from discussing the troublesome lives they were leading in the naxal-infested region of the district.

In a memorandum addressed to the Chief Minister, which was submitted to the District Collector, the villagers asked him to find an effective solution for a peaceful leaving in the locality.

The memorandum requested the government to eliminate naxalism from the region. However, the role of the police in harassing the villagers also needed to be checked, Ratan Pidika, one of the villagers, said. People were living in fear from both sides, he added. Movement of police in the villages also was of a great concern. Lachana Tadingi, a 6-year-old child died on Thursday by falling on a sharp stone for the fear of police who were moving in their village in search of naxalites, Mahanda Saunta, another old man from the village, alleged. The memorandum signed by more than one hundred villagers. The District Collector assured them of discussing their issues at different levels.