The State government has recently announced that whoever had secured 11 marks in mathematics in annual Plus II examination conducted by the Council of Higher Secondary Education (CHSE), he or she would be eligible to qualify the exam.

A conscious government could have taken the decision immediately after it noticed anomalies in question preparation or syllabus, but how it made such a decision coming under pressure of several newspapers.

Is it not an attempt to lower the standard of education in our State? Instead of searching different option to improve standard of education, the Education Department has stumbled upon a silly way to face the growing criticism.

Identify the talented post graduate students in mathematics, lure them into teaching profession with higher salary, motivate students to take the subject seriously and innovate newer ways to inject competition among students.

Bidhan Mohanty


Posco issue

The third anniversary of POSCO-India Private Limited’s MoU with the State government will be falling on June 22. The initial euphoria is slowly dieing down. While the BJD-BJP government stepped in the election year and other major players like TATA and Mittal have already put up a big fight to POSCO, there is little chance of project to see the light.

In the crucial juncture, the activists who have been holding up to three gram panchayats where the project is likely to come up have consolidated their position. A hapless police can only watch the activists ridiculing them.

The atmosphere has vitiated so much that the local populace has emerged as the prime victim in the struggle for power as well as business interest. Students hardly find it smooth to go to school as they have been turned pawns in the clash. They will be used as frontal force when the activists would fight the police. A cordial atmosphere which was prevailing among villagers has become a past now. Even pro and anti project supporters are not looking eye to eye. The government should either come up with concrete plan to facilitate the project or inform the company admitting its inability make the project happen.

Swadhin Panda


Gigantic problem

Cuttack will be the worst place to visit during next three months. Thanks to continuous negligence of civic authorities to address the gigantic problem of water logging in the oldest city of the State. The repair of drains is in full swing while water is already overflowing the drain in some parts of the city. This could well be another Mumbai even though two rivers are flowing circumventing the city.

How long should citizens suffer due to inefficiencies of corporators, officials and over all government as a whole. Although people can be blamed for the present state-of-affair, there had been no sincere effort to address the problem. The city is already under JNNURM scheme.

The civic authorities should have prepared different project reports to the Centre and secured the funds. However, sloth administration has learnt the art either to deflate criticism or to live with the criticism.

Manoj Sahu