The Orissa and the Andhra Pradesh government has locked horns on water sharing of different rivers recently. I cannot understand how come this dispute arises where there is Central Water Commission (CWC) functioning as a neutral player.

I think either CWC is not playing its role properly or the organisation is being pressurised by the Centre to support a particular State at any point of time. When Andhra Pradesh started its project in its State boundary, it must have sought permission from CWC, whose duty was to take consent of Orissa for the project.

But the Orissa government accuses that no public hearing had been conducted in project-affected areas of Gajapati district. Without public hearing how could a project get clearance? The CWC should be answerable to it.

A mistake at this juncture has already pushed the two states to the brink for a long dispute. Centre should step in to solve the dispute immediately; otherwise the Tamil Nadu-Karnataka case would again be repeated here.

Naveen Patnaik-led government had already tried to make it an electoral issue by laying foundation stone for two projects and assured that it would nullify the impact of the project conceived by Andhra Pradesh. Trinath Panigrahi


Take cue from Nepal

The Maoists of India should learn from their counterparts in Nepal.

The naxals of India who are only trying to take advantage of gullibility and ignorance of tribals living in remote areas should open their eyes and take note of recent developments in Nepal. The Indian Maoists are opposed to democratic elections as they are not sure of their support base, which can never be built up with the nozzle of the gun. But Nepalese Maoist leader Pushpakamal Dahal alias Prachand could win over the heart of the electorate of Nepal as well as the election within a decade. He and his party in Nepal were not opposed to elections as they were confident of their support. The Indian Maoists should take cue from it and try to win at least panchayat polls to bring in the changes of development in remote areas. It may be noted that naxals claim they know about the problems of these regions better than others.

Mansa Mallik


Mass hysteria

Why can’t people learn to laugh at home, with friends and during every action of their life? It is quite hilarious to learn that some have to take out special time to laugh at laughter clubs. I do not think the synthetic laughter can ever match the natural laugh that emerges from the core of our heart and brain. The mass ha..ha..ha..ha.. of these persons at corners of stadiums and parks are nothing but mass hysteria.

After their laughing session the members again get back to their original self on their return journey bearing the frown on their faces.

Many of them are persons who never laughed in their prime of life to show off power.

When life laughs at them during their old age they turn to this induced exercise of laughing only to repent what they have missed by not laughing and enjoying when life allowed them to do it.

Pabitra Das