More than a lakh students don’t get elementary education: survey

It shows a large number of students enrolled in schools under special drive quit midway

Ferozepur district tops charts of children deprived of basic education followed by Amritsar

Chandigarh: Punjab cannot dream of becoming a 100 per cent literate State at least for a decade, as more than one lakh students are not getting even the elementary education, a survey has said.

Survey by SSA

The survey, conducted by the State unit of the Sarv Siksha Abhiyan (SSA) last month, found that 1,00,457 children in Punjab are not even enrolled for elementary education, official sources said.

The result of the survey put a big question mark over Punjab’s, one of the affluent states in the country, efforts to become a cent per cent literate State.

Officials concerned

It has been pointed out that a large number of students enrolled in schools under the special drive had quit midway.

The survey revealed that 30,012 students in the age group of six to eight and at least 70,445 students in the age group of eight to 14 were also not attending schools, sources said.

Going by the age considerations, the officials were more concerned about the education of the children in the age of eight to 14 years because, minus elementary education, these students would not fit into normal schools.

A large number of them might end up as daily labourers, they said.

Looking at the positive side of the SSA drive, officials said, the State has been able to bring down the ratio of the children deprived of elementary education to 50 per cent.

Drop-out number falls

The drop-out number in 2005-2006 was 2,27,645, which has been subsequently brought down to more than 50 per cent by launching schemes such as Elementary Guarantee Scheme (EGS) and Alternative Innovative Scheme.

Ferozepur district tops the charts of the children deprived of elementary education in the State, with 12,680 children followed by Amritsar which has 8,583 such children. — PTI