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During the past four years it has witnessed scores of violence

BHUBANESWAR: Distressed over unending incidents of violence on campus of Utkal University leading to gradual vitiation of academic atmosphere, former students of university have decided to launch “Save Vani Vihar” campaign.

As part of the campaign, a group of students would get in touch with alumni of Utkal University, better known as Mother University in the State, to restore glorious past.

“We will involve everybody who are concerned about this premiere university. All stakeholders including Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor, former Vice-Chancellors, teachers, students and former students will be invited to deliberate on the issue of violence originating from dirty politics on the campus,” said Alok Jena, convener of the campaign.

Mr. Jena, who was a former students’ union president of the university, said everybody was upset at the present state-of-the-affair.

During past four years, Vani Vihar, campus of Utkal University, has witnessed scores of violence involving two groups of students. Students are living in a State of panic following hurling of bombs and attack on a student with sharpened weapons. Although Utkal University administration has long been trying to restore normalcy, all efforts have gone in vain.

“Peace must return to the campus. We cannot afford a university of this stature lose its glorious distinction due to dirty politics being played by politicians sitting outside the campus,” said Rabi Behera, another former student and coordinator of the campaign.

Even after Governor and Chancellor of the university Murlidhar Chandrakant Bhandare expressed his deepest anguish over violence during celebration of university’s foundation day recently, incidents of violence are far from over. “I am at pain finding all these undesired and unacceptable developments in the campus of a university. The sacred academic grounds have turned into the hotbed of violent politics. Whatever happened has not done any good to reputation of the university and all of us are accountable for the sorry state of affairs,” Governor had then said.

Meanwhile, students especially boys who have nothing to do with politics have started running away from the campus.

“Ordinary students are victims of violent politics being played out on the campus. These boys, who have no choice, but to follow one political group, are unnecessarily getting entangled. No parent would like to see that career of their ward would go like this,” said Rita Ray, chairperson of PG Council.