Police fear Maoists may be using it as a buffer or transit zone

Maoists allegedly are trying to use strategically located Boudh district of Odisha as a buffer or transit zone to extend their nefarious activities in the State.

Anti-Maoist operations have been carried out for the past four days with the support of Nayagarh district police, especially in Harbhanga police station area. The operation continued in Gania, Banigochha of adjoining Nayagarh district.

However, till now no case of any major violent activity by Maoists was reported from Boudh district, which is under southern police range.

Speaking to The Hindu , the Boudh Superintendent of Police (SP) Prafulla Kumar Patra said in recent past some suspicious elements were reported to be moving in remote areas of Harbhanga, Madhapur and Adenigad. As they were suspected to be Maoists, the became extra cautious in Boudh. It was suspected that these Maoist may be making surveys in remote areas with an aim to build up their base in Boudh district.

Boudh district is surrounded by Kandhamal, Nayagarh, Angul, Subarnapur, Sambalpur and Bolangir districts. All these six districts have Maoist presence. Most important is that Boudh district is the link between western and southern parts of Odisha.

Maoists may also be trying to build up their base in Boudh district to create a transit zone. During the past year, after expulsion of Sabysachi Panda from the CPI (Maoist), organisation strength of Maoists has gone down in Kandhamal district. As per reports, the Maoist organisation is trying hard to rebuild its base in Kandhamal district through Chhattisgarh cadres.

According to intelligence sources, at present Maoists may be intending to use Boudh as their ‘safe area’ to hide after committing violent activities in its adjoining districts.

Initially, Maoists from Andhra Pradesh were utilising areas of Malkangiri district for similar purpose but later Malkangiri became a major Maoist-affected area of Odisha. So, Odisha police have started thwarting efforts of Maoists to build up a base in Boudh district while it is at its initial stage.

  • Boudh is strategically located as it is surrounded by six Maoist-hit districts

  • Some suspicious elements were reported to be moving in remote areas of the district