For Paro Muduli, Rukmani Chalan, and eight other tribal girls it is a great fun to speak broken English, cook European food and look after foreign women guests. Every day they all join Leon Mahoney, an Australian, in making their own bread, pasta, and ice cream in addition to what they thought would best suite the guests in Chandoori Sai, a tiny beautiful guest house in the lap of nature and not far from the paddy fields amidst high-rising mountains.

While there is a great cry of machines digging bauxite on the top of the mountains in the neighbourhood, the silence in the guest house attract many tourists, mostly foreigners.

Goudguda, a small village near Kakirigumma in Laxmipur block of Koraput district, would not have a mention in the tourism maps in some of the tourist guide books of international repute and websites without this homestay. Neither the tourists nor Leon himself feels the need of an air conditioner in the staying rooms.

Everything, including the spices, are grounded afresh keeping the aroma fresh to maintain the richness of the taste of the fresh vegetables grown and collected locally. Even coffee gets brewed from locally-grown beans roasted in a clay pot just before serving hot.

Perfect taste

Like the food and kitchen, architecture of the living rooms and open space in the guest house too bears the perfect taste of the western ways living under the cover of a tribal design.

The material used in building the five bed rooms, one huge dining hall, kitchen and other places carries the imprint of hard work by the local artisans who had worked under the guidance of Mr. Leon after he had made up his mind to settle in the village a few years ago and to never go back.

Wooden planks are used as benches on the verandah, mud pots as dustbins and sarees that tribal women wear as the ceiling under the high rising roof, all contributing to offer the exclusive beauty to the entire structure.

Tourists often share their time with the people in the village to see how the potters worked and to visit the weekly market of Kakiriguma, often being treated as a nice walk from Chandoori Sai.

Trekking here and there to the hills, swimming in the river or just to read a book in the garden are just a few more reasons to rest a few days in this corner of the Eastern Ghats, far from the always stressing and tiring tourist destinations in other parts of India.

The hospitality of a tribal family too generate fresh reasons to come back once more for most of the tourists.

However, for Mr. Leon and the group of tribal women, it's more a service than anything else that had prompted them to wait for the next morning after the departure of each of their guests.