Lord and His consort ‘argue’

The song sequence thrills everyone present

An opportunity for human soul to learn, says a poet

KORAPUT: The devotees, who have thronged Puri to witness the world-famous Rath Yatra, have yet another celestial spectacle, which includes the sweet arguments for an hour between the Lord Jagannath and goddess Mahalakshmi, as the goddess was left alone in the main temple during the Lord’s nine-day sojourn in Sri Gundicha temple along with his elder brother Lord Balabhadra and sister Devi Subhadra.

According to the centuries-old ritual, when the Lord Jagannath retuned to the main temple, goddess Mahalakshmi who was grieving for her loved one, waited at the temple for the three.

While Lord Balabhadra and Devi Subhadra were allowed to go inside the temple without any hassle, the gate was closed by the goddess for Lord Jagannath.

Lord’s argument

A series of sweet allegations were made by the goddess on the Lord for having left her alone in the temple for all these days.

But Lord Jagannath was also not to be defeated and continued explaining his going out on a visit to meet the devotees rather than anything else and further giving an excuse that he could not say no to the devotees’ honest invitation.

Having a lot of goodwill for the devotees, Mahalaxmi also acknowledges the Lord’s visit outside the temple and greets Him back to the temple.

Win-win situation

While the entire episode was performed by devotees taking sides, the song sequence of the episode had thrilled everyone present as most of them were experiencing such a situations in their everyday life too and were wondering on how to get solutions to such a situation without causing any harm to either side.

The polite submission of both sides to each other being the essence of a win-win situation for both Lord Jagannath and goddess Mahalaxmi.

It had a great meaning in the human being’s life and was an opportunity for the human soul to experience the victory of politeness over arrogance, Pritidhara Samal, an eminent poet, added.