Report says the food consumed by them contained insecticide

The forensic report has shown that insecticide had led to death of five persons of a single family of Pandara Street of the city in December last year.

Report of the analysis of viscera of the victims from State forensic laboratory, Bhubaneswar, reached Forensic Medicine & Toxicology (FMT) department of MKCG medical college as well as city police. Head of FMT department of this medical college, Sachikant Mohanty said the viscera analysis report of all the five victims had shown that they had got killed due to poisoning by an insecticide.

The insecticide found in the viscera of the victims was organo-phosphorous which was too lethal for humans, Dr Mohanty added.

These five deaths due to suspected food poisoning had bewildered police as well as medical professionals. Within a few days five members of this family had died. All of them had become ill after consuming food prepared at their home on Nov 30, 2012. On Dec 2, Bhuban Padhi (65) and his three sons, Pramod Padhi (30), Prasanna Padhi(24), Pankaj Padhi (22) had died. The next day Bhuban’s daughter Banita Padhi (20) had also died. Another son of the family Prashant Padhi had also become seriously ill but could be saved following timely treatment. Bhuban’s wife Sarojini had not developed any ailment as she had not consumed the food which had been taken by the victims.

Berhampur Superintendent of Police (SP) Aniruddha Singh said, they would hold discussions with the physicians of FMT department of MKCG medical college and hospital on Sunday. Basing on the findings of the viscera report police would re-track the investigation. As it was a case of poisoning, police would try to ascertain whether the lethal insecticide had got mixed in the food of victims accidentally or it had been intentionally mixed in the food by some one, said the SP.

  • On Dec 3, 2012, the head of the family and his three sons died

  • Police say they will now probe if insecticide was mixed by someone in their food