Superstitious belief in sorcery led to inhuman torture of a 70-year-old mentally challenged person by his fellow villagers at Sasan Ambagaon village under Hinjli police station in Ganjam district.

The victim was Chaitanya Singh. Police had to rescue the poor victim from the clutch of his tormentors on Monday evening.

According to inspector incharge of Hinjli police station, Subash Chandra Panda, three persons allegedly involved in the inhuman torture of the aged person were arrested on Tuesday.

The arrested persons were Tarini Gouda, Litu Gouda and Kalia Pradhan.

Interrogation of these three persons revealed that their superstitious belief in sorcery practice had led to this incident.

It was alleged that they had beaten up the old man, broke his front teeth and had also forced their victim to consume human excreta.

According to the police, the victim Chaitanya was a mentally unsound man of the village who sometimes used to behave unnaturally.

On Monday afternoon, he had entered the house at the village and called a child of the family. When the child came near him, he took hold of him and did some physical activity which was seen as an effort to put some evil spell on the child.

This news spread all round the village.

There were many in the village who were alleging that this old man was involved in sorcery practice which was causing ailments of children.

The victim was dragged to the middle of the village and tied to a pole.

He was beaten up.

The superstitious tormentors decided to break his front teeth with the belief that he would no more be able to utter mantras correctly. None of the other villagers intervened to rescue the mentally retarded old man. Receiving information , the police officials from Hinjli police station reached the village and rescued the victim.