Following the death of five rare white tiger cubs at Delhi Zoo due to neglect by their mother, the authorities are now on the lookout for a pregnant bitch, which can feed the lone surviving cub after delivery.

According to zoo curator Riaz Khan, the cub, which is now being administered medicine at the zoo hospital, can survive if it is properly fed.

“Someone has already approached us to deliver a bitch. So we are going to hold talks with that person and possibly procure the bitch. Initially, the surviving cub, which was the first offspring, was accepted by the mother. But with the other siblings having died, we are not taking any chances. So we are administering vitamins and antibiotics in a veterinary facility. It is also being fed fresh goat milk. But the problem is compounded by the fact that the cub is having loose motions.”

The cubs, born last week, died over the weekend after the seven-year-old tigress refused to feed or care for them. “The mother stopped feeding the cubs. She neglected them,” said Mr. Khan.