A vehicle carrying publicity material for India Against Corruption was seized by the Delhi Police on Monday evening.

According to IAC members, the vehicle that was being used to carry publicity material about the drafts of the Jan Lokpal Bill -- as envisaged by the Government and the one that is being sought by Team Anna -- was seized and taken to the Tilak Marg police station.

“We have been carrying posters and placards with information about the drafts of the Bill around the city, with a team member holding them up. On Monday around 7 p.m., we were asked to wind up and leave from near India Gate. Even as we were putting the material back into our vehicle, the police arrived and took it all away,” said a member of IAC.


To protest against the police action, volunteers of IAC sat on a dharna outside the police station. “On being asked why the vehicle was seized, the police officers said they have orders from ‘above'. When we asked further, they refused to answer us,” the member said.

The IAC volunteers had on Sunday announced that they would hold silent protests at ITO and India Gate on Monday against what they said was a “weak” Lokpal Bill.