Emphasising that the “rumour mills are rife with all sorts of baseless propaganda” and that “some of our colleagues have allowed their minds to flow freely with misconstrued understanding”, Delhi University Vice-Chancellor Dinesh Singh released an open letter to the university’s teaching fraternity on Friday reassuring them that the “University shall introduce the new four-year under-graduate programme from July 2013”.

“I have been in the process of penning this letter to you for the past several days. Unfortunately, a Vice-Chancellor’s time is not his own and several pressing matters have kept me from finishing this letter,” he wrote, before putting to rest certain apprehensions and detailing out the measures that the university is set to implement.

The first measure is that the university will initiate the process of appointing permanent faculty and that selection committees for this will be made by June. “The University shall endeavour to convert ad hoc positions into regular positions through the selection committees by the end of June 2013.”

Further, “there shall not be any contractual appointments at all. I do not know who started this rumour,” he clarified.

And, most importantly, Prof. Singh said: “From the reports being submitted to the University it seems clear that in every college there is likely to be a significant increase in the teaching workload.”

The letter also promises that each teacher would be provided with notebooks and requisite software for enhancing the quality of teaching and learning process. It said more professor positions would also created in the colleges.