Various facets of life on canvas

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Reinterpretation: A work by Bhumika Takshak.
Reinterpretation: A work by Bhumika Takshak.

Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI: Ankan Art Foundation is hosting a group show of paintings at the All-India Fine Arts and Crafts Society gallery on Rafi Marg here.

Showcasing the works of Hitendra Singh Bhati, Bhumika Takshak, Rajesh Shah, Prakash Sonawane, G. C. Jena, Jiten Sahu, Nishant Dange and Ajay Chakradhar, the exhibition is on view up to this coming Friday.

Hitendra’s preoccupation with the ordinary hard-working labour clan is clearly visible in his works. He has a penchant for depicting rickshawwallahs, road hawkers and the subtle nuances of the lives of ordinary men and women.

Bhumika’s paintings consist of experiments on the works of famous Western artists like Pablo Picasso, Van Gogh and Leonardo Da Vinci.

“I wish to create highly imaginative and dramatic space both for my satisfaction as well as for the viewers. Flowers, scripts, drawings and self-portraits form valuable elements to my paintings that tend to blend the past and the present and the East and the West,” says the artist.

Rajesh has showcased working class people whose emotions are hidden behind their tranquillity. “I have deeply engaged myself evaluating the mental status of these people through several solemn gestures. I have travelled a lot and was always keen in observing the common man’s emotions, gestures and body language,” says Rajesh.

Prakash believes that the artist is an observer of life. He has depicted everyday experience of a local train commuter. “I never thought these moments were so important. A typical commuter in Mumbai would exclaim at the sight of these paintings!” says the Mumbai-based artist.

For Jena, his mother is the greatest creation of God. “From the very childhood, my mother’s love for folk art, her deep interest in creating various designs on the grounds and walls and textile designs kindled the passion for art in my mind,” says the artist.




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