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Since primary school enrolment has already increased

NEW DELHI: At a time when India has increased its primary school enrolment, it is imperative to make the best use of private-public partnership to expand secondary education in the country, Central Board of Secondary Education Chairman Ashok Ganguly suggested on Monday.

Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of “Asia-Pacific Leaders’ Forum on Secondary Education” that began on Monday, Mr. Ganguly said there should be universalisation of excellence in secondary education. “We have to expand secondary education. We need more than 1 lakh schools. Access is one area where we have to work on. There are quality aspects too and we have to ensure access without diluting the quality and see how we can achieve world-class standards, especially in subjects like mathematics and science,” he said.

The conclave is being hosted by CBSE and Asia Society in collaboration with the World Bank and the Confederation of Indian Industry.

“The conclave is happening at a very relevant time. India is on the threshold of enlarging its secondary education. Its quality framework has to be holistic. Content, people, process and technology are all a part of this framework,” Mr. Ganguly said.

The three-day high-level forum on “New skills for a global innovation society” will bring together a group of representatives from the United States, Australia, Japan, China, Korea and Singapore to analyse experiences and best practices in modernising secondary education.

According to the Vice-President (Education) of Asia Society, Vivien Stewart, the forum will analyse the strategies used to expand access to secondary education in selected industrialised and middle-tier countries.

“We will examine the characteristics common to the world’s most successful education systems as they seek to combine ambitious goals with substantial school autonomy and professional support for teachers. We will share the experiences of countries like China that have made massive strides in education or Korea that is using a lot of technology in their classes. India has some of the world’s best schools but it still does not have a system of good schools,” she said.