The householder, the savvy entrepreneur, the working professional and several other people who contribute to the economy and public policy all have different reactions to the Union Budget 2013-14.

“This Budget is not a householder’s dream. While purchases of luxuries like jewellery and branded clothes have gone down, smart phones and eating out with the family will cost more,” says Bindu Bhatia, whose husband has to support a college-going son along with his aging parents.

Dining at an air-conditioned restaurant is going to cost much more now and Priyanka Malhotra, owner of Café Trtle, a popular coffee shop with branches in many upmarket areas of town, says: “People will think twice while dining out, despite the fact that in most cities eating out is very common and also the most popular outing for a family. The habit of eating out will not go, but the frequency might.”

Karan, an out-of-town student who frequents restaurants, seconds this opinion with a slight variation: “I cannot stop eating out, but I will have to be choosy about where I eat.”

“The price of cotton clothes has gone down and this is welcome since the summer calls for light cottons. Other than this, I do not think the Budget has much for me,” said Sonia Daba, who owns a beauty parlour.