Special Correspondent

NEW DELHI: The United Nations’ Inter-Governmental Renewable Energy Organisation (IREO) has selected Sulabh International for this year’s prestigious Renewable Energy Award.

Sulabh International’s founder Bindeshwar Pathak will receive the award at the UN headquarters in New York on June 11.

The US-headquartered IREO has chosen Sulabh International for its laudable strides in promoting and changing the standards of sanitation in India as well as other countries. IREO has also recognised Sulabh International’s indigenous two-pit toilet technology which is not only cost-effective but also produces bio-gas.

Sulabh has excelled in recycling and reuse of human excreta for bio-gas generation which is an important way to get rid of health hazards from human excreta.

The NGO has emerged as a pioneering organisation in the field of bio-gas generation from public toilet complexes.