Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI: Two persons have been arrested by the North-East Delhi police for allegedly killing a 32-year-old man at Nand Nagri in North-East Delhi on January 8. One of the accused apparently had friendly relations with the wife of the deceased and had decided to eliminate him when he came to know that the man was trying to force his wife into prostitution.

The body of Sukh Sagar Gupta, a resident of Nand Nagri, was found near a gutter on January 9 in the morning. Following investigations, the police arrested the two accused, Anand, and his friend Raman Kumar. Some of the belongings of the deceased were recovered from their possession.

According to the police, Anand was friendly with Sukh Sagar and his wife, Kiran. Sometime ago, Kiran had told Anand that he was putting pressure on her to enter into prostitution. Anand then roped in his friend Raman and planned to kill Sukh Sagar. On December 28 last year, the duo invited Sukh Sagar to Rohini with the intention of killing him.

But, before they could carry out their plan, Kiran called up Anand asking him to abort the plan. She then went to her parents' home.

Sukh Sagar was apparently unaware of the plans and on January 8 fell into Anand's trap when he went with him for "having a good time" near the tonga stand, where his body was later found.

Anand and Raman, who too was present there, took Sukh Sagar to a desolate stretch and strangled him.