Many social media users remembered Vina Mazumdar, doyenne of the Indian women’s movement, after she died on Thursday following a brief illness. While some shared pictures and quotations from her memoirs, others shared youtube links featuring her talks and speeches while paying a homage to the “trouble maker”, as she described herself in Memories of a Rolling Stone .

Writer and critique Nilanjana Roy tweeted: “To be apolitical for our generation was to be non-Indian, was to be ‘anti-democratic’. Goodbye, Vina Mazumdar”. She also tweeted: “I have heard my mother’s voice in my dreams: what happened to your sense of responsibility? Dr. Vina Mazumdar.”

Delhi-based publisher Arpita Das tweeted: “Oh no, RIP, the iconic Vina Mazumdar”.

Kamayani, an activist wrote: “RIP – The Grand Old Lady of Indian Women’s Movement, Vina Mazumdar – No More.”

Rukmini Shrinivasan, a Delhi-based journalist, tweeted: “Very very sad to hear of the death of the great feminist, social scientist and leader of the women’s movement, Vina Mazumdar.”

Frank Krishner wrote on facebook: “Vina Mazumdar ‘feminist and trouble maker’ is no more.”

Delhi-based historian Irfan Habib tweeted: “Vina Mazumdar, an Indian academic and pioneer in Women’s Studies, passed away today. She was one of the earliest feminists and leaders. RIP”

Supreme Court lawyer Karuna Nandy remembered her by sharing the review of her memoirs – “ Memories of a Rolling Stone : the autobiography of Vina Mazumdar, social scientist, feminist and trouble-maker”.

The facebook fan page devoted to Soni Sori wrote, “RIP Dr. Vina Mazumdar. An Indian academic, feminist, a pioneer in Women’s Studies in India and a leading figure of the women’s movement passed away.”