Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI: The Delhi High Court has sent back a dispute between an estranged couple over fixation of alimony to a trial court here asking it to collect income details of the couple and re-fix the maintenance.

Justice S.N. Dhingra found fault with the trial court order on account of fixation of the maintenance amount without verifying the income details of the couple and ignoring the judgments of the High Court which had held that the courts shall presume as true the sources of income of the husband as revealed by his wife if the former did not deny it. Disposing of the petitions, Mr. Justice Dhingra said: “It is apparent that the husband had deliberately not filed his salary certificate from the employer and income details from other sources; he seems to have much more income that what is known to his wife.”

The High Court directed the husband to file a salary certificate about his total package, including fringe benefits. He would also disclose his income from other sources and file his income tax returns for the last three years, the Court ordered.

The wife would also discloseall her income and file her income tax returns.