The motorman of a passenger train suffered a massive heart attack within minutes after taking the local train to its destination at the Panskura station in West Medinipur district from Howrah early on Saturday. He died on his way to the hospital, but not before setting a lofty example of devotion to duty.

According to South Eastern Railway (SER) authorities, motorman D.N. Moitra (56) felt unwell and was sweating profusely after getting down at Panskura station. He was immediately taken to a nearby nursing home by his colleagues.

“The doctor on duty declared him brought dead”, a statement issued by the SER stated.

Refuting some media reports that the lives of the passengers were at risk with the motorman falling ill while driving, a senior SER official said that Mr. Moitra fell ill only after arriving at Panskura. “He showed exemplary devotion to duty and dedication to his work by driving the train safely to its destination,” he said.

Asked if the deceased motorman had any history of illness, the senior official said that a periodic medical examination in July did not show such symptoms.