Dilli Haat, Pitampura, showcasing a fine range of aggarbattis, scented candles, room fresheners and more

Fragrances from across the country have once again been brought to Delhi through the second ‘Itr and Sugandhi Festival' that opened at Dilli Haat in Pitampura on Thursday.

The four-day event has been organised to bring out the rich history of itr and how over the years the craft of capturing fragrances has transformed into a modern trade.

The festival has been organised by Delhi Tourism in collaboration with the Fragrance and Flavor Development Centre, Kannauj, Essential Oil Association of India and Fragrance and Flavour Association of India to unravel the mysteries behind fragrances and how they play an important role in our lives.

The event was inaugurated by Delhi Tourism chairman Manish Chatrath by lighting a specially designed 5.5-feet-tall eco-friendly aggarbatti that weighed 8 kg and will last for 101 hours.

“Fragrance plays a vital role in our lives. Right from the delicious aroma of the home-cooked food, mild yet enticing smell of flowers in the spring to the most exciting smell of  mitti which reminds one of the scent of the first rain of the season falling on dry earth, fragrances tantalise our imagination,” the Delhi Tourism release said.

In India, the history of itr is probably as old as the civilisation itself. “From the Indus Valley Civilisation to the entry of Mughals, essential oils extracted from herbs and flowers have been the privilege of the royals. Not many know that it was Mughal empress Noorjehan who first discovered rooh gulab itr , which is now considered to be the most expensive of all,” a release by the Department said.

The Festival has put on display and sale Indian natural perfumes, exotic aggarbattis, dhoop-battis, scented candles, essential oils, perfumes, room fresheners and other products.

Also on display are demonstrations of art and science behind the process of rose water distillation. The artisans can be seen making agar-battis and dhoop-battis in front of the visitors. And for those interested in knowing more about  itr, sugandhi and aromatherapy, experts in these fields are there to share their knowledge.

Even the art of making traditional packaging for itr is being revealed at the festival. Quiz, magic shows, slogan writing competitions and lectures have also been organised for both children and adults.