Drawing inspiration from the myths surrounding the MahayanaSchool of Buddhism, journalist Charu Singh has penned a book titled Path of the Swan: The Maitreya Chronicles Part I .

Ms. Singh, while living in Gangtok for nearly two years, was influenced by the Buddhist philosophy of compassion and forgiveness.

While living in the picturesque Sikkimese Capital, she interacted with with some interesting people who gave her an insight into the Mahayana School of Buddhism. She met monks at the famous Rumtek monastery and other monasteries of the Himalayan State and people who congregate at the special Boomchu festival.

“The book grew out of all these churnings. All these meetings left an indelible impression on me. Right now I am working on the second novel and it could become a trilogy,” she said.

Speaking about the main character of the book, Ms. Singh said it revolved around Tashi, a 14-year-old, and Lama Ozer, who leave a hidden monastery to join Shambala, a “celestial kingdom”. Ms. Singh, who has worked for print as well electronic media, had to take a sabbatical to write this book.

Apart from giving a glimpse into the lives of monks, the book also sheds light on the unique culture of the inhabitants of Sikkim and Tibet.