While the Trinamool Congress government is battling severe criticism following the collapse of the “chit fund” operations by the Saradha Group, rebel Trinamool Congress MP Kabir Suman has composed a song ridiculing Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s remarks on the issue.

Adopting the first line of a popular Bengali song, ‘ Jaa Geche Taa Jak ’ (Let what has gone go), the song composed by the songwriter-turned-parliamentarian narrates how agents of Saradha Group collected money from poor villagers and duped them.

“The song is a critique of her [Ms. Banerjee] politics and policies by evoking laughter,” Mr. Suman told The Hindu on Thursday.

“Graame graame ghure goriber takaye agent ra nilo haathiye/ saradhar malik kagoj jaliye aashor boshalo maatiye/ jaak jaa geche taa jaak ” (Village after village, agents robbed the poor of their money/the owner of Saradha held celebrations by setting up newspapers and channels/let what has gone go), says Mr. Suman’s song.