The children were kidnapped from Delhi and sold for Rs. 15, 000 each to work as farm hands

With the arrest of three men at Amroha in Uttar Pradesh, the police claim to have busted a gang allegedly involved in trafficking of children to forcibly employ them as agricultural labourers. Two teenaged children were rescued during the operation.

Bonded labour

“Acting on a tip off that a teenaged child had gone missing from Khajuri Khas and had been forced into bonded labour at a village in Amroha, a raiding team was formed,” said Additional Commissioner of Police (North East district) V.V. Chaudhary.

Mr. Chaudhary added that a raid was subsequently conducted at Amroha where one Ravinder was arrested and a kidnapped child rescued from his house. During interrogation, Ravinder purportedly disclosed that he had purchased the kidnapped children from two men, Rajeev and Ankit, and had plans to further sell them to the farmers in nearby villages for use as labourers to work in his own fields.

“At Ravinder’s instance Ankit was arrested and another child who was made to work in the field rescued. Another accused Rajeev was also arrested,” Mr. Chaudhary said.

Rs.15,000 per child

Investigations revealed that Rajiv and Ankit kidnapped the children from Delhi by giving them sedatives and sold them to Ravinder. They would charge an amount of Rs.15,000 per child. The children would then be sold to other farmers. They would be forced to work in tough conditions, said the police.

  • The teenagers were forced into bonded labour.

  • They were rescued from Amroha in U.P.