The emphasis on data and figures placed on the investigation and prosecution agencies has a negative impact on registration of crime, its investigation and prosecution.

A senior Delhi Government official said the fact that Central agencies like the National Crime Records Bureau place too much emphasis on registration of crime actually dissuades the police from registering it. “This also applies to rape cases. Often attempts are made to play them down as molestation cases or simple cases of sexual harassment.”

Moreover, the official said, there was no need for the Delhi Police or the NCRB to publicise the registered crime. Fair registration is often held against the police officers concerned as it pushes up crime figures. “Ideally, conviction rates should be publicised as a higher rate means fair registration of crime, good investigation and proper prosecution.”

The official said such steps would do away with the need for the police to hide or suppress crime and it would also curb the tendency to promote withdrawal of complaints as that leads to a higher rate of disposal for the police and courts alike.