Once it uploaded wrong mark-sheets, another time gave wrong question papers

“The Examinations Department has been inefficient and has bungled several times; students as well as teachers have felt the backlash of its ill-functioning,” says Physics teacher Abha Dev Habib. She says the increase in its workload when the semester system was effected could perhaps explain its repeated goof-ups.

One time the department triggered a mass panic attack by uploading flawed mark-sheets of students and another time it distributed the wrong question papers, creating chaos.

Since then a massive make-over has been instituted and the university declared the exam results of 1.2 lakh students online in two weeks flat last November. The way the question paper was set was changed as also the way teachers evaluate answer sheets by assigning two teachers per paper, which had to be corrected in the same exam-like conditions.

However, even here nothing went off smoothly. The examination centres had students strolling in and out while teachers corrected their papers.

The number of complaints that the average student or teacher has about the examinations department is staggering. Getting your mark sheet, collecting your degree certificate and trying to correct wrong information with the examinations department is like a survival of the fittest game say former students who are made to run around everywhere before they get anything out of the examinations department.

“I studied at a business school on the South Campus and lost a year because of personal reasons. I sat for the exams the next year and got my results declared about three months later, but did not get my mark sheets for more than a year after that. I had to keep going back to them again and again and every time there was this long procedure to ascertain whether I had actually passed or not,” said a former student, who did not wish to be named.