A 47-year-old temple priest has been arrested for allegedly raping a teenaged girl in her house in Seemapuri here earlier this month. The accused, Sarva Narayan Jha, was arrested at Darbhanga in Bihar.

Sarva Narayan, who is a priest at a temple in Tahirpur, was known to the victim's family for the past 15 years, police said.

The priest recently told the girl's father that a “pooja” needed to be performed for her better future. The girl's father, a businessman, agreed to his suggestion and May 2 was fixed for performing it.

Since the priest was known to the family for over a decade, the girl's parents went away for work on May 2 leaving her alone at home for the “pooja”. Taking advantage of the situation, the priest allegedly raped the 17-year-old girl and threatened to kill her if she told anyone about the incident.

It was when the girl developed some medical problem that she confided in her mother about the rape.