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The response to the price hike was mixed. The auto/taxi union leaders welcomed the move which was outright criticised by the commuters.

Kishen Verma of the All Delhi Auto Taxi Transporter Congress Union said: “We are happy with the increase. It s a big relief to the auto and taxi drivers and would go a long way in helping them maintain their sanity against the huge rise in the prices of essential commodities.”

“I would just request the Government to notify the order as soon as possible,” he added.

Raghunath Das, a daily commuter, decried the move. ``The price hike is against the interests of common man. It would adversely affect the commuting habits and preferences of the general public. On the one hand the public transport system in the city is pathetic and on the other hand you continue to make other alternatives more expensive. Why doesn’t the Government improve the mass public transport system to the extent that we don’t need to take auto or taxis?” he asked.

Vineeta Kumari, a university research scholar, said the auto drivers and unions cannot be blamed for what was happening.

“It was the responsibility of the Government to ensure that the price of commuting remains within the reach of the general public. But at the same time I would say that the auto drivers need to be given training in civilised behaviour.”