The Delhi High Court on Thursday directed the Union and the Delhi governments to take measures to bring down onion prices.

The vegetable had recently witnessed over a 100 per cent rise in its price to reach Rs.70-Rs.80 per kg. It is only lately that the prices have stabilised in the Rs.45 to Rs.55 per kg bracket at retail outlets.

A Division Bench of Justice B. D. Ahmed and Justice Vibhu Bakhru passed the order on a petition by social activist Poonam Jain. The petition had urged the Court to issue directives for invoking the Essential Commodities Act and take special measures to ensure proper supply of the vegetable in the city.

No action against hoarders

Ms. Jain had also blamed the authorities in Maharashtra and Delhi for failing to take action against its hoarders.

Earlier, placing a status report by the Department of Consumer Affairs of the Union Ministry of Agriculture before the Court in reply to the petition, Additional Solicitor-General Rajeev Mehra said onion prices depended upon its production, season and arrival.

He said prices tended to peak during September-November, where the supplies taper, and then come down during January-March when the crop is harvested.

He added that the Union Government had requested the Maharashtra Government to ensure its regular supply and sufficient quantity to the Capital.

Counsel for the Delhi Government said that onions were selling at Rs.60 per kg a few days ago but at present it was being sold at Rs. 45 per kg at Mother Dairy outlets.

Later, the Bench disposed of the petition.


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