Come January 2014, students of Presidency University will be given an opportunity to study “love” as a subject, the paper carrying 50 marks. 

The General Education paper will be offered by the University’s Sociology Department, said Vice-Chancellor Malabika Sarkar here on Sunday. 

It will cover a wide range of representations of love in various philosophical works as well as in works of literature, Ms. Sarkar said, adding in jest: “It will not be a course about love stories, but an academic course.” 

“It will also focus on the sociological and economic implications of love,” she added. 

Suchismita Ray Paul, Associate Professor, Sociology Department of Jogmaya Devi College in the city, said: “Such courses are necessary to familiarise the students with the changes in the notion of love that have taken place in the country. In traditional Indian culture, the approach to the idea of love was not so extrovert like it has become these days.”  The university, in its new curriculum, has replaced pass subjects with General Education courses offered by various departments.