As students continued to flood the colleges on the second day of admissions through the second cut-off list, many of them found themselves greatly inconvenienced due to mismanagement by the college authorities. The situation was most profound at South Campus colleges around Satya Niketan.

“We’ve been waiting here since 8 a.m. to complete the admission procedure . We had been told to come today to pay the admission challan , but its already past noon and we haven’t been able to do so,” lamented Kanika Juneja, an applicant and an 87.5 per cent scorer, at Moti Lal Nehru College who was among the many made to wait for long hours at the college.

Vanshika, who was also among the many applicants who had been standing in the long queue since morning, wailed: “We’ve come from Saharanpur, especially to fill the form but here the entire process has taken us three days. It is so tiring and unfair.”

The crowd in the long queue for Commerce admission soon joined her in complaining about the delay.

“They are so inconsiderate, people who came later than us are getting their work done. They are calling out randomly,” said a bewildered and angry Yasmine, clearly indicating that back-door channels were working at the college.

The college staff, however, defended their actions vigorously. “We need to be sure of the correct admission certificates, so we check and recheck the Class X and Class XII marks on the websites. All this is bound to take time,” said Associate Professor Jagmohan Gupta, who was one of the staff members involved in handling the admission process.

Dr. P.K. Jain, Head of the Commerce Department of the college, said the staff was doing its bit to ensure quick admissions. “We’ve been busy and we’ve stretched ourselves by overstaying the prescribed time limit. If these students are still complaining, it can’t be helped.”

The scene at other colleges wasn’t much heartening either as a large number of parents stood outside Atma Ram Sanatan Dharma College and Ram Lal Anand College in the glaring sun.

“This is harassment! We’ve been to so many colleges but no one has been as rude to us as ARSD. We’re literally being pushed outside the gates by the guards to stand here in the glaring sun, while our children are standing in queues inside. At least they should have put a tent,” said an exhausted parent.

The scene at Sri Venkateswara was comparatively better as parents and students took counselling at the inquiry desks easily. The college is also conducting its extra curricular activity trials side by side.

We’ve come from Saharanpur, especially to fill the form but the entire process has taken us three days. It is so tiring and unfair