Cancellation of a flight cost dearly to as many as 36 students of a professional institute here as the group had to miss an important industrial training programme in Mumbai.

Students of Business School of Islamic University of Science and Technology had to miss the event after the Mumbai-bound GoAir flight they were to board got cancelled.

“The students from the business school were scheduled to start their industrial training from Monday and we had fixed a meeting with CEOs of some top companies but the flight cancellation has thrown a spanner in the works,” programme coordinator Khursheed Ahmad said.

Mr. Ahmad said the airline authorities refused to entertain any requests from the students to accommodate them in three other flights scheduled later in the day.

“We had also requested that we may be put in an alternate airline which has seats vacant as reaching Mumbai in time was of utmost importance to the students,” he said.

Meanwhile, an official of GoAir said the flight was cancelled due to low visibility at Srinagar Airport.

“We could not adjust these passengers in the other flights as these were fully booked,” he said, adding that the airline has offered the students to fly them on Tuesday in a direct flight to Mumbai. - PTI