Urvashi Sarkar

NEW DELHI: Students who appeared for the Russian language examination papers of the National Eligibility Test conducted by the University Grants Commission at the Jamia Millia Islamia centre here over the weekend are unhappy with two question papers which reportedly had typing errors and mistakes. Nearly 30 students from Delhi University and Jawaharlal Nehru University appeared at the centre for the exam.

Sonu Saini, one of the students who sat for the examination, said: “We appeared for three papers of NET on Sunday. The first paper had no errors. However, the second and third papers were full of errors and incomprehensible. The jumbled words and typing errors made it nearly impossible for us to understand the questions. Though we protested, we were made to take the exam and were not allowed to leave the room until the time for the examination was over.”

Pooja Mishra, who also sat for the examination, said: “The words were not clear. In addition, there were misprints and typing errors.”

The second paper, which consisted of 50 objective type questions of two marks each, carried a 25 per cent penalty for each question answered wrongly.

The students plan to submit an application to the UGC on Tuesday pleading that the exam be conducted again or there should be some concession in awarding the marks.