Students curious about ‘academic difference’ between courses

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On Buddha’s path: Admission seekers for Buddhist studies at Delhi University on Friday.
On Buddha’s path: Admission seekers for Buddhist studies at Delhi University on Friday.

Parul Sharma

NEW DELHI: Students applying for admission to Delhi University this year are more keen to know about the academic difference between the various under-graduate programmes and which courses would fetch them lucrative jobs.

Admission seekers are calling up tele-counselling helplines and personally meeting the counsellors and most of them want to know how the various B.Sc. restructured courses are different from each another.

“Students want to know that how B.Sc. (General) Mathematical Science is different from B.Sc. (Honours) Mathematics and B.A. (Hons) Mathematics. They want to now what is taught in B.Sc. Applied Physical Science, Computer Science and B.Sc. (Hons) Computer Science. They want information on what syllabus and subjects will be offered under these restructured courses,” said Dinesh C. Varshney, Deputy Dean of Students’ Welfare at South Campus.

“There are other queries like how Economics (Hons) is different from Bachelor of Business Economics. This is a new trend this year where students want to know about the academic difference between various subjects. Last time, there were fewer such queries. Till last year, most admission seekers simply asked us what course they should study or which programmes were more easy or difficult,” he added.

Mr. Varshney said such queries were coming not just from Delhi but different parts of the country like Agra, Banaras, Muzaffarnagar and Chandigarh as well as from Indians living abroad.

“A few days ago we had a student coming from Kerala who got a print-out of the syllabus of the Psychology course taught under Kerala University. She demanded to know if Delhi University would cover the same topics in that programme as Kerala University.

Most students now want to study according to their aptitude.” Admission seekers also want information on the job prospects after the under-graduate programmes. They want to know what kind of jobs and in which sector would be available to them once they complete their course.“A lot of people coming to us want to know how the University treats students from Boards other than the Central Board of Secondary Education,” said Mr. Varshney.




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