The St. Stephen's College Supreme Council and Governing Body in a statement on Saturday denounced “the current attempt to sully the fair image of the college” in context of the allegations made by alumni and Congress Member of Parliament Sandeep Dikshit.

Mr. Dikshit's allegation that the college is a “communal institution” was reported in a national daily in the context of his removal from the Governing Body.

“The Constitution of India confers on the college well-defined rights as a minority education institution. We exercise it responsibly, in harmony with our commitment to academic excellence and to the liberal-secular ethos of our country. It is condemnable that attempts are being made to stigmatise minority rights as communal…,” the statement said, adding that the college would continue exercising its constitutional rights as a minority educational institution without fear or favour.

“We find nothing remotely suggestive of communalism in the life of the college,” the statement said.