The stand-off between the Delhi University Teachers’ Association and the university administration started to take a nasty turn on Thursday -- Day 30 of DUTA’s relay hunger strike -- with teachers alleging that the university administration was making good its warnings of cutting teachers’ pay and holding it in their service records if they were to participate in the strike.

“The University has sent a letter to my college asking to cut my pay for the days when I participated in the DUTA strike. They have also said that the days I was on leave would be treated as unauthorised absence and be shown on my service records. This means that the absences will be a huge blot on my career advancement as the absences will be considered whenever there is a question about my promotion,” said Saikat Ghosh, adding that one of the days when he sat on hunger strike was the day of Dussehra.

“It was a gazetted holiday but the University has said it will cut my pay for that day. This is not legally tenable anywhere in India,” he said, adding that whatever he chose to do on the days of his casual or earned leave was nobody’s business, least of all his employer’s, the University.