A court here has acquitted two men accused of the sensational murder of young TV journalist Soumya Vishwanathan of all charges in a vehicle theft case noting that there were “a lot of inconsistencies” in the material that the police brought on record, which the prosecution could not explain properly.

Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Rakesh Pandit acquitted Ravi Kapur and Amit Shukla on charges of stealing a Tavera car pointing out that there was also doubt regarding recovery of the vehicle at the instance of Ravi Kapur. The ACMM noted that though the complainant said that the car went missing on March 15, 2009, he filed a complaint reportedly only on March 23.

“There is no complaint on record to that effect which suggests that on March 23, any complainant had informed regarding [stealing] of his vehicle. There is no DD Entry in this regard that any such information was given to police officials regarding missing of Tavera vehicle. No such complaint or DD Entry proved on record. This fact when juxtaposed with the fact that accused was arrested on March 23, in another case, make the things doubtful.”

The duo is also facing trial for murdering an IT professional Jigisha Ghosh, after robbing her, in the early hours of March 18, 2010. Soumya was killed on September 30, 2008.

According to the prosecution, the car was found in an abandoned condition on March 23 from the BRT corridor after going missing on March 15, but the ACMM observed that it was “highly improbable that on that stretch, any abandoned vehicle can remain unnoticed for that considerable period of time”.